The Silent Llama of Doom

Thoughts from a quiet Llama.


I develop Software.

I started messing around with computers when my Dad brought home an IBM PC XT a long, long time ago. I mostly spent my time playing games and exploring DOS. I have 15 years of professional experience as a software developer but I can confidently say that I still haven’t run out of mistakes to make. I love Linux and cut my teeth on Slackware and Red Hat before moving over to Debian and Ubuntu.

My career began with a literal bang when I interned at a company that makes detonators for mining. I’ve brought computer labs to rural areas in South Africa and worked on one of the first mobile systems for credit card deliveries in SA (in the dark ages before smart phones). I currently work in the Health Care sector where I created the systems that manage hundreds of thousands of patients.

When I’m not coding I’m generally attempting to make music or art.

Current Interests: Rust, Nim, Computer Generated Images, Databases.

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